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97% of employees say our 1-to-1 benefits
counseling sessions are essential       

The Need for Clarity is Clear

The need for clarity is clear

Benefits communication and education plays a critical role in helping businesses maximize their benefits package as a competitive advantage to attract and retain the best talent.

In fact, effectively communicating the value of the total benefits package to employees significantly impacts the bottom line. Our 1-to-1 benefits counseling sessions allow employees to:

• Review their total benefits package
• Personalize their coverage
• Better understand and appreciate benefits

Save time, fill gaps, and add value

Save time, fill gaps, and add value

Some of the key benefits of helping educate your
employees in today’s health care world include:

• Fewer questions and administrative work for you
• A greater appreciation for their benefits and employer
• Better educated health care consumers
• Less financial risk for employees
• Increased employee satisfaction and retention

...and there's no direct cost to your organization

Employees gave higher marks to employers who provided fewer benefits but explained them well than to employers who provided a richer array of benefits that employees did not understand

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